Our Fleet

Learn in Our Planes, or your Own

Our fleet for training utilises a variety of single engine, multi engine piston and multi engine turbine aircraft.

RPC Training

We use the Tecnam P92 aircraft type for our Recreational Aviation Australia RPC training.

RPL & PPL Training

We use a combination of Cherokee 140/160, Cessna172,  Archer Aircraft.
We offer varying types and combinations of Analogue (Steam Driven) and glass (Computer Screen) cockpits. 

CPL Training

We have access to a number of Aircraft: Piper Arrow, Comanche, Saratoga, Seminole  and Chieftain, plus Beechcraft Baron, including a Pressurised Baron, plus Cirrus SR20 and SR22 aircraft.

Multi-Engine Training

For Multi-Engine flight training we use a Beechcraft Duchess for initial training and then offer a suite of larger twins to direct your training towards your employment prospects.

IFR Training

Our IFR training is conducted across a number of fields, Beginning in a brand new Elite P145 Simulator, then to Single IFR training aircraft and finally into the twin engine aircraft for Asymmetric flight and learning to handle failure scenarios.

For those who wish to upgrade to a higher performance machine, we also offer training in Piper, Cessna and Beechcraft twin pistons and full endorsements in a Beechcraft B200 Kingair.

Great Southern Flying School can also provide training, complete Flight Reviews and Currency Checks with pilots in their own aircraft.

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