Partner Landing Course

Learn to Land a Plane

The Partner Landing Course is designed for the untrained / non-licensed passengers, who regularly fly in smaller aircraft;  usually partners, friends or business colleagues of pilots.

The object of the course is to give landing training that would allow you to land the plane from the right hand seat in the case of an emergency. If you regularly fly as a passenger in smaller aircraft, it’s a nice skill to have and an added safety bonus for both pilot & passengers, that should the pilot become incapacitated due to an inflight medical emergency you are able to safely land from your seat on the right hand side of the cockpit.

This course includes the training required to obtain an Aeronautical Radio Operators Certificate.   This will give you the knowledge on how to use plane’s Aviation Communications equipment, along with knowing who to talk to, what to say and how to say it. 

Our skilled instructors have taught a number of people how to land in the event something happens to your pilot. In fact some have become so excited and enjoyed the process so much that they continued on their training journey to obtain a Private Pilots Licence for themselves.

As pilots we take good care of ourselves, but in the event something out of the blue occurs such as the meal you ate was not right and you end up incapacitated, its nice to know you can hand over to be flown safely to land where assistance can be found.

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