Theory Training

Theory Is Equally as Important As Flying Time

Great Southern Flying School can provide pilot theory training for all RPC, RPL, PPL and CPL subjects along with Meteorology, Human Factors, Systems and Air Law, all the way to Airline Transport Pilot Licence (ATPL) level.
As an experienced Theory trainer provider we offer courses to groups of students, individual training for areas of difficulty or to help understand topics better.  We will have students complete practise exams and direct you towards further areas of study via knowledge deficiency reports.
Specialising in Meteorology and Human Factors, we have a number of PowerPoint briefs for each subject, we also have old style chalk and talk briefs.  Our Instructor’s brains are continuously filling with Aviation intel, just waiting to be used by you.
We teach Instrument Theory. We teach it well, we have lots of time flying in the soup, so both the theory and the practical training come from a solid base and are directed at ensuring our students both meet & exceed the required standards for the CASA written exam and are capable of a very high standard for flying IF.

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