RA-AUS to GA Conversion

RAA Conversion to GA

At Great Southern Flying School we have highly experienced Senior instructors capable of training students to both RA-Aus Certificate and CASA Licence standards. 

Do you hold a RA-Aus Recreational Pilot’s Certificate (RPC) and are wanting to convert to General Aviation? We have a dedicated program to make this a reality.

Holding GA qualifications opens the door to more advanced flight training such as a night rating, instrument rating, aerobatics, or a commercial pilot licence. 

 Converting your RA-Aus Certificate to a Recreational Pilot Licence and progressing to a Private Pilot’s Licence will enable you fly bigger, more capable and complex aircraft with more than 2 seats.

Holding a Private Pilot’s Licence allows you to have the option of training to complete a Night VFR Rating or a Private Instrument Rating in the future.

Requirements to convert:

  • RPL conversion – minimum 16 years of age
  • PPL conversion – minimum 17 years of age
  • Pass relevant theory exam
  • Satisfy the requirements outlined in CASA approved Manual of Standards


Meet the following aeronautical experience for a PPL:

  • 40 Hours flight time in a ‘recognised’ or ‘registered’ or ‘Group A Ultralight’
  • 5 hours flight time as pilot in command
  • 5 hours cross country flight time as pilot in command
  • 2 hours instrument flight time in a civil registered aircraft
  • 1 solo flight of at least 150nm with 1 full stop landing at 2 or more airfields outside of the training area.

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